Autism Care and Support

What is autism?

BEMOTTA Healthcare Services offers its services in England for autistic patients to provide them with support. Autism impairs the ability to interact with others. This disorder is also recognised as autistic disorder or pervasive developmental disorder. Here are some of the problems faced by autistic people:

Social-interaction difficulties

Autistic people face difficulty in engaging themselves with people. They lack understanding and therefore cannot comprehend other person’s actions. They find it difficult to make new relationships. Moreover, understanding non-verbal commands is also a challenge for them.

At BEMOTTA Healthcare Services, we help individuals understand verbal and non-verbal commands. We make them participate in discussions where they can learn to communicate and interpret the responses of other people.

Impaired language

People with autism can find it challenging to talk and due to the impaired language, they can have difficulty expressing their ideas. However, at BEMOTTA Healthcare Services, we provide all the support they need so that they don’t lose their confidence. We encourage them to communicate and that it is equally important to share their views. 

How do we help?

We support individuals who need help in carrying out their daily tasks. With  the right help and support, we offer various support packages, helping people with their disability in the domains of social, education, life skill and vocational skills which enable and help them achieve a more progressive and secured future.

Every case of autism is unique and different in its own way. Helping people with disabilities by providing them with the tools to cope with their everyday challenges is exactly what we do and we work together to encourage people to live a positive life with our motive and vision revolving around the idea to enhance their capabilities. 

At BEMOTTA Healthcare Services, we make sure that autistic people are comfortable around us. We involve them in activities so that they share their views and ideas and become more socially connected with each other. We believe that they can work really well if given a chance.

It is a fact that people with autistic spectrum condition find it challenging to have a control over their lives that we usually take for granted.  The level of autism varies with every individual, therefore, we make sure that each person is getting an effective treatment that suits them. Our special support, love and care, help them learn new things, work with minimum difficulties and interact comfortably. We offer all kind of support and activities for the autistic people to enhance their capabilities so that they can function in a productive manner within the society.

Safety and Compliance

Residential care

Our residential care is the best possible solution when it comes to long-term care. We suggest residential care to people who require extra care and additional support. Our specialists meet the individuals and carry out an assessment to suggest the specific facilities that are important for their well being. At the residential setting, we encourage people with autism to take part in activities and interact with other peers and staff members.  At BEMOTTA Healthcare Services, we make sure the individuals are living a life they were accustomed to. We make sure they are comfortable and satisfied with our residential support.


At BEMOTTA Healthcare Services, we help individuals learn new things. We monitor their performance to make sure they are developing their understanding skills with time. We put our efforts to involve them in discussions so that they learn socialising and interacting with new people with ease.

We not only teach them at our place but also help them access education. We do a thorough research to find the best possible schools for them where they can get a quality education. Our aim is to provide them with opportunities so that they can pursue their dreams and goals. We believe that they should be given equal chances as other people get. Therefore, we make sure they are learning and experiencing something new every day.

Employment opportunities

With our vast network, we help autistic people seek employment. At BEMOTTA Healthcare Services, we focus on making such individuals independent by supporting and guiding them. We strive to provide them with the right direction where they can utilise their potential to set new targets and achieve their goals. With us, you can rest assured that your loved one will get incredible opportunities to work at their best.

One-to-one discussions

One of the main problems autistic people face is the inability to interact and socialise. To help them overcome this difficulty, we involve them in discussions where they can share what they feel and want. Our specialists do a face-to-face conversation with individuals to make them tell their stories and how they want their life to be.  At BEMOTTA Healthcare Services, most autistic people have benefited from this activity. They are less hesitant to interact and communicate.

Getting In Touch

Our friendly staff is always available to help you through the process of choosing the right care for you or your loved one. If you need help please by all means get in touch with us for more information.

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