Learning Disability

What is a learning disability?

Learning disability is a neurologically-based problem that is concerned with the processing power of the individual. It can hinder basic skills such as time planning, organisation, abstract reasoning along with retention and long and short term memory. Difficulty in writing and reading can be recognised easily during the school years.

How do we help?

We provide maximum support to people with learning disabilities. At BEMOTTA Healthcare Services, we ensure the individual is involved in activities to help them enhance their learning and understanding capabilities. We believe that people with learning disabilities can also lead a successful and independent life if given the right support. With the right guidance and care, they can develop their personality and confidence to stand on their own feet.

Our support level varies according to each individual as the problem can be mild or serious. People with a mild learning disability are able to cope with their life if given some support. However, those with serious problems need a professional and intensive care throughout their life. They face a lot of problems in doing simple things that others do with ease. Therefore, they are usually given the least chances to come forward and participate in activities. At BEMOTTA Healthcare Services, our purpose is to help people with learning disabilities live their life as per their specifications and preferences. We provide them with opportunities that help them progress their independence.

Everything that we do is according to the needs and choices of the people. We design a specific care plan for each individual, to provide them with the best facilities which suit them. The plan is prepared keeping their health and the level of care in mind. We help them believe in themselves and develop their self-esteem to have a quality lifestyle.


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