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Welcome to BEMOTTA Healthcare Services. We are striving to become the UK’s leading independent provider of support services for young people aged 16+.

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We help individuals stand on their own feet and integrate into the community by providing support with a real impact.

Supported Accommodation

All of our innovative services are focused on supporting people to be as independent as possible within their own homes and in their local community.

Religion and Culture

We encourage young people to explore and fully understand their rights in this aspect and be well informed about ways of challenging discrimination. 

Floating Support Service

We support and encourage individuals with everyday tasks, including personal assistance, housing-related tasks, household chores, grocery shopping, etc.

We Provide

BEMOTTA Healthcare Services

We are committed to providing care which we would like to receive ourselves.

Our Mission

At BEMOTTA Healthcare Services, we provide our services tailored to the individual needs of the young people who use them, so the assistance we offer is entirely dependent on the individual’s identified needs and requirements. Our mission, therefore, is to provide a comprehensive, personalised system of support for individuals aged 16+ with our trained staff that speak to them and not above them. Collaboration is vital in building trustful relationships between the service user and their support worker, which makes a positive impact, and, over time, changes lives for the better. This is our ultimate mission and driving motivator.

Working for BEMOTTA Healthcare Services

Our employees are essential to providing the best possible experience for our young people. Seeing the difference you make every day to help people live independently is the biggest reward.