Floating Support Service

Floating support is defined as support not linked to accommodation, for instance, when a person might need support with issues like budgeting, drug or alcohol misuse, avoiding becoming an offender etc. BEMOTTA Healthcare Services can provide such assistance as a stand-alone service without providing or arranging accommodation.

From your first step into independent living, our floating support services can assist you with a range of activities within your own home. We ensure a smooth transition into tenancy is achieved through continued support, followed by a post-semi-independence period offering further support to uphold a tenancy if needed.

Examples include:

Advocacy Service

Where needed we can provide advocacy service to residents in the areas such as debt management (or signposting to debt management organisations) or reconciliation of young person with a family, etc.

BEMOTTA Healthcare Services

Our employees are essential to providing the best possible experience for our young people. Seeing the difference you make every day to help people live independently is the biggest reward.