Training and Development

BEMOTTA Healthcare Services will assist every young person with their educational pursuits such as full-time education, training, apprenticeships, voluntary work or employment. We aim to achieve this by identifying each person’s educational needs to offer every young person appropriate support, advice and guidance to help them reach their desired goal.

Support provided:

  • Finding an appropriate course
  • Completing the application forms
  • Preparing for interviews
  • Accompanying to interviews
  • Monitoring progress and offering on-going support
  • Tailored support for young people with learning difficulties
  • Liaising with educational partners: Schools, Colleges and Training Providers.
  • Access to apprenticeships and voluntary work placements

Our aim is also to improve young people’s social skills, by building confidence and self-esteem. It is our role to support young people in creating a good support network for themselves, which they will continue to use when they become independent. We will enable young people to gain multiple life experiences through various activities such as joining clubs, attending social and cultural events, and develop personal interests and new hobbies.

African American male guidance counselor talks with a group of high school students about their plans for college.

BEMOTTA Healthcare Services

Our employees are essential to providing the best possible experience for our young people. Seeing the difference you make every day to help people live independently is the biggest reward.