Who We Are

At BEMOTTA Healthcare Services, we are a team of professionals with years of experience in taking care of individuals with a variety of needs. We specialise in meeting the needs and requirements of young people aged 16+. With our special care and services, we help them perform their day-to-day activities with minimum inconvenience.

Our aim is to create a comfortable and friendly environment for young people where they can utilise their potential, make their own decisions and live independently. We aim to provide them with a quality lifestyle that promotes positivity and happiness. At BEMOTTA Healthcare Services, we make sure your loved ones are comfortable with our services. We encourage the involvement of family and loved ones in the individual’s care and help them learn new ways of implementing their ideas creatively.

We believe weaknesses are convertible into strengths, and people can also study, work and pursue their dreams if given professional assistance. All it takes is the motivation, inspiration and encouragement to accomplish something great. At BEMOTTA Healthcare Services, we provide support and put our efforts in helping young people aged 16+ unleash their potential. We harness the expertise to make individuals expand their horizons of thinking, thus enabling them to do better.

Every young person has their own specifications, requirements and preferences. That is the reason why we treat individuals with the care and support they need. We analyse their interests, needs, strengths and vulnerabilities etc. to make sure they get the right support. We believe that a friendly attitude has a positive impact on someone’s health and wellbeing. Therefore, we only recruit truly caring staff that strives to help young people increase their confidence level and enhance their communication skills.


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Our friendly staff are always available to help you with your needs. If you need support, or you have questions, please get in touch.